Call for Submissions

We are on our way to explore Africa and her architecture, and we would like you to join us. We are looking for African contributors to contribute their writings, designs, sketches, illustrations, etc. in exploration of any aspect of African design, planning, urbanism. If you have a well-written and well-researched piece on an African building or design work, topic, or experience, read through the procedures and requirements below to ensure we can publish your work.

We believe it is time to explore African architecture and design, and we welcome your written content on and about any element of African architecture and design: buildings and projects, architect and design profiles, user experiences, design histories and narratives, and beyond.

We welcome well-researched pieces that show us what makes a piece of architecture great to you, as well as thoughtful critiques on the status of architecture design in the continent.

Voice and Tone
We welcome original, informative, well-edited and well-researched content that includes appropriate citations.

While we provide the opportunity for you to write the piece in your unique voice, we must ensure a friendly tone for our readers. Be creative, thoughtful, and expressive.


The format is open to academic-style articles written in short blog format, photo essays, and transcribed interviews.

Overall, we expect submissions ranging between 1200 (minimum) to 2000 words (maximum). Please include a short bio along with your article that indicates your name, geographical location, affiliation, and professional or academic background.

Send all submissions as Microsoft Word documents to contact (at) africarchi (dot) net.